Reminiscence - Solo Classical Guitar Instrumental | Victor Howe


by Victor Howe

Solo Classical Guitar Instrumental

Reminiscence is a solo classical guitar instrumental. It was released in August of 2020 and was written concurrently with my track “With Hope“. It has a strong melodic line with supporting middle line and bass. I have become a big fan of the wonderful guitarist Andrew York and his compositions, and admire how his music is three dimensional. You could take any of his classical guitar compositions and orchestrate it easily as they already contain all the parts. With Reminiscence and With Hope, I strived to include all of these parts also. Setting all of that aside, I find the song beautiful to listen to, and challenging to play. I get the feeling of relaxing in my backyard (with a glass of wine of course) and reflecting on my life.

My daughter came up with the title for the piece. I took the photo for the cover art at Siesta Key Beach, Florida in 2013, while traveling there with my son for a soccer tournament.