Waiting For Eagles | Acoustic Guitar Instrumental by Victor Howe

Waiting For Eagles

by Victor Howe

Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar Instrumental

Ever since I was a young boy I’ve been fascinated by Eagles, Bald Eagles especially. I remember watching nature shows on TV back in the 1970’s discussing how they were endangered and thought that was very sad.

Bald Eagles, due to their diminishing numbers, were not often seen, especially in Northeast Ohio. But I began reading about how Bald Eagles were making a comeback, due to protection under the Endangered Species Act, and the banning of the pesticide DDT. I started to hope that one day, they would recover enough that I would see a Bald Eagle in the wild. In the year 2000, my family and I built a new house and moved to a rural area where we have a couple of acres and a lot of open spaces nearby. I used to joke with my children: “One day, we’ll see some Bald Eagles flying around.” As years passed (nearly 20), I always kept an eye on the skies, waiting and hoping to see a Bald Eagle.

My new fingerstyle acoustic guitar instrumental “Waiting For Eagles” is about that 20 year journey, until one day (at 2:28 in the song) the Eagles started showing up! Bald Eagles in my backyard! I couldn’t believe it. On the day of that first Eagle sighting I ran in the house and grabbed my camera and managed to get a few photos, one of which is used for the album art.

I continue to watch the skies, especially looking out the windows of my home while I practice acoustic guitar, Waiting For Eagles.

This song is in DADGAD tuning, and was recorded with my Taylor 914ce.

Release Date: July 9th, 2021

Below are several photographs of Bald Eagles I have taken in my back yard, and which inspired “Waiting For Eagles”.