Of Angels & Starlight | Peaceful Acoustic Instrumental by Victor Howe

Of Angels & Starlight

by Victor Howe

Acoustic Guitar Instrumental

Of Angels & Starlight features fingerstyle acoustic guitar (12-string), cello and violin. The inspiration of the song is thinking of friends and family who have passed away while sitting outside looking at the stars. The song combines both happy and sad elements just as we miss our loved ones yet cherish the great memories of them. The guitar part is played on my Taylor 356ce 12-string, a truly wonderful instrument. The tuning is DADGAD. I removed the octave string from the low D so that I could obtain a rich, full bass line.

The violin and cello parts are virtual sampled instruments. I would typically hire session musicians to play these parts, but I loved how the virtual instruments came out with the expressions and articulations, and decided to run with them.

Release Date: March 25th, 2022