Daydreams - Peaceful Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals by Victor Howe


by Victor Howe

12-string Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals

Daydreams is a 4-track EP of original 12-string acoustic guitar songs. The track titles are:

  • The River Song
  • Walk With Me
  • Be The Light
  • The Undefeated Spirit

All of the tracks are in drop D tuning, and I use a flat-pick technique. The tracks are played on the Taylor 356ce 12-string, a wonderful guitar that can go from shimmering whispers to thundering chords.

The River Song is one of the first songs I ever composed, it dates back to the 1980’s. I was playing it one day and my son told me I should record it, and that started this journey of composing and releasing music to the DSP’s.

Walk With Me starts off slowly with a gentle melody, and slowly builds to a thundering conclusion. I really love the vibe of this piece.

Be The Light has an interesting chord progression that I used, which involves some chromatic steps.

The Undefeated Spirit was the final track I did for the EP. It is a tribute song for a dear friend who after a valiant fight, lost her battle with cancer. She may not be among us here on Earth any more, but her spirit remains, undefeated.

The cover art for this EP is a photo of mine taken deep in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park near Brandywine Falls in Northeast Ohio. The Taylor 356ce is imposed over top.

Videos for all tracks below.